Custom Designs for Every Woman

Claire Elisabeth

Beauty in Everyone



Meet the Designer

Since I was 10, I can remember wanting to pursue design. I started building first my skills in sketching and designing, then focused on construction and knowing how to create garments for any body. Having graduated with a degree in apparel design and mathematics, I am able to put my creativity and problem solving skills together. My goal for all of my designs is to make the woman who wears it feel like the most beautiful person in the room.


First Collection: Efflorescence

During my first collection, my intention was to make gowns that would look good on every body type, while straggling the line between sheer and naked. I love using allusion necklines and embroidery to give a feminine and whimsical feel to my designs. All of my models were real people and not hired, and each garment was made specifically for their measurements. 



I want each garment I create to make the wearer feel beautiful. Everyone has something unique to offer and I intend on each design to do the same. Whether it's accomplished through fabric, fit, pattern, beading, or embroidery, each piece is meant to stand out.


"Thank you [Claire Elisabeth] for reminding me that I can feel beautiful and confident in anything that I wear. I felt confident in my own skin for once and that, was so freeing. I’m no where close to being a model, but thank you for making feel as confident and as beautiful as one for one weekend. "

 - A beautiful customer